Administration and Economic Department

Administration and Economic Department


1. administrative and economic services for the Archive, including:
a) conducting all matters related to the administration and maintenance of the premises in proper condition, including maintaining order and cleanliness,
b) keeping records of fixed assets, non-durable items and intangible assets and conducting their periodic stocktaking,
c) development of renovation plans, coordination of renovation works, organization of execution for planned renovation works, including the preparation of contracts,
d) supervision over ongoing maintenance and repair of installations and devices,
e) transport service for the Archive and care for the proper technical condition of the owned means of transport,
f) purchase of equipment and materials for the proper functioning of individual organizational units;

2. office services for the Archive, including:
a) receiving, registering and forwarding correspondence from the Archive,
b) preparing and registering correspondence for sending and its dispatch,
c) secretarial support for the management to the extent determined by the director,
d) receiving clients and providing them with information, and if necessary, directing them to the appropriate organizational units,
e) keeping a register of external and internal audits,
f) keeping a register of internal regulations,
g) organizational and technical support for the College;

3. participation in analyzing the possibility of the Archive’s participation in projects financed from European Union sources and operational programs of ministries, and preparing documentation in this regard,

4. conducting matters related to the award of public contracts as part of tender procedures conducted by the Archive,

5. keeping the classification of structural expenses in the Archive,

6. conducting cases in the field of fire protection,

7. performing tasks in the field of providing public information, in particular editing the Public Information Bulletin,

8. keeping the archives of the Archives.



Iwona Cierzuch (manager)
e-mail: iwona.cierzuch[at]