Administration Department

Administration Department


  1. The Administration Department is responsible for providing administrative and economic support for the Archives. It implements property management and stocktaking projects, initiates renovation and construction works, and supervises the performance thereof, administers the premises used by the Archives (particularly within the scope of maintenance of their technical condition and cleanliness). It ensures proper working conditions to the Archives’ employees and coordinates the acquisitions of goods and services for the institution’s on-going purposes in accordance with the Public Procurement Law Act. The Administration Department also provides transport services to the directors and employees of the Archives.
  2. The Administration Department is also in charge of the office services provided for the Archives and runs the secretariat of the director and deputy director. The secretariat takes care of the proper circulation of the documentation within the entire institution and coordinates all office activities in the Archives. It provides the correspondence for endorsement, and then directs the same to the competent business units, providing assistance to the employees with regard to the adherence to the provisions arising from the Archives’ office instructions.
    The secretariat keeps the main registers of the Archives (including, without limitation, incoming and outgoing correspondence registers, register of complaints and applications, register of office stamps, register of powers of attorney and authorisations, register of business trips), keeps normative acts of superior authorities, as well as orders and decisions of the director of the NDA. In addition, it collects the documentation on the matters related to the operation of the collective bodies of the Archives, scientific activities of the employees, as well as the documentation on the matters conducted directly by the Archives’ directors.
  3. The secretariat supports the inquirers and guests of the Archives. It provides the basic information on the institution’s activities, confirms the receipt or dispatch of the correspondence by the Archives. It also provides organisational support and assistance to the Archives’ director.
  4. The Administration Department maintains the website of the Public Information Bureau and e-mail box of the Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (e-PUAP). Currently, the Department’s employees, due to the tasks assigned to them, are participating in the work aimed to implement the Electronic Documentation Management (EDM) system.



Marzena Lisiecka (manager)

Hanna Bogdańska

Marcin Cichocki

Iwona Cierzuch

Mateusz Korinth

Ryszard Kowalski