Department I for IT systems design and development

Department I for IT systems design and development


  • implemented by the IT project management section:
  1. carrying out design work on software and ICT systems for the needs of state archives, used to collect, store, record, develop, share information about resources and digital copies of archival materials on the Internet,
  2. implementation of ICT systems in institutions indicated by the General Director of State Archives and training in the use of these systems,
  3. ongoing support for users of systems maintained by the Archive in terms of technical support, including handling user inquiries, generating access certificates,
  4. coordination of programming and administrative work related to updating and expanding ICT systems used for recording and inventorying data on archival materials and making them available on the Internet,
  5. collecting, storing and recording data sets posted on the Internet and considered archival materials, produced in particular by entities authorized to use the domain, and data sets with a fixed and defined structure, including public registers,
  6. development of new, implementation or adaptation of existing, open archival standards and standards for long-term storage of data in digital form.
  7. developing draft standards for recording and developing archival materials in electronic form.
  • implemented by the IT systems programming section:
  1. creating, maintaining, updating and implementing software and ICT systems for the purpose of collecting, storing, recording, developing and sharing archival materials,
  2. construction and development of Archive websites,
  3. ongoing supervision over the correct functioning of applications and systems built in the Archive,
  4. cooperation with the 2nd Department of IT infrastructure maintenance and development and the 3rd Department for securing archive resources in the field of building applications and ICT systems.



Maciej Zdunek (manager)
e-mail: maciej.zdunek[at]

Justyna Soliwoda (IT project management section manager)
e-mail: justyna.soliwoda[at]

Grzegorz Leple (IT systems programming section manager)
e-mail: grzegorz.leple[at]