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Poddebski okładka

“Niepodległa Poddębskiego/Independent by Poddębski”

Fourth  monographic album published by NDA. Niepodległa Poddębskiego/Independent by Poddębski (1946-2002). Henryk Poddębski was one of the most prominent Polish photographers of the 20th century. He documented the birth and dynamic development of the Second Polish Republic in the interwar period. Album published in Polish and English.

The album was published thanks financing by General Director of the State Archives and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Professor Piotr Gliński, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage took an honorary patronage over this publication



“Narcyz Witczak-Witaczyński”

Third  monographic album published by NDA. Narcyz Witczak-Witaczyński (1898-1943) was a soldier, cavalryman and photographer. He documented the everyday life of the Polish cavalry and he was one the official photographers of Józef Piłsudski. This album constitutes a selection and overview  of Narcyz Witczak-Witaczyński’s photographic legacy. Album published in Polish and English.

The album was published thanks financing by General Director of the State Archives.

Rutowska okładka_mała OK

“PRL Rutowskiej. Fotografie z Narodowego Archiwum Cyfrowego”

Second monographic album published by NDA. Grażyna Rutkowska (1946-2002), a jurnalist and press photographer, worked for “Dziennik Ludowy” and “Zielony Sztandar” . Her photographs are a perfect testimony to the dynamics of civilisational changes and the evolution within the society in times of Polish People’s Republic.

The album was published thanks financing by General Director of the State Archives.



Sobczak, Między tradycyjnym a wirtualnym archiwum

Anna Sobczak “Między tradycyjnym a wirtualnym archiwum”

Is a publication introducing the readers into the issues of the contemporary digital archiving, such as: computerization, standardization, digitalization, virtual archive. It was prepared on the basis of Anna Sobczak’s PhD thesis, collecting extensive factual materials regarding the establishment of digital archives in Germany. The book is available at the website of the National Digital Archives and in reputable digital libraries.

The publication is among 25% of the best studies on this subject issued during the recent years, Waldemar Chorążyczewski, Professor at UMK

Warszawa Siemaszki

“Warszawa Siemaszki. Fotografie z Narodowego Archiwum Cyfrowego”

Is a book published in traditional and electronic forms. This is the first monographic album of Zbyszko Siemaszka, an excellent photographer, whose photographs are kept in the NDA. Text: Katarzyna Kalisz; concept and coordination: Bartłomiej Kuczyński; graphic design: Zofia Herbich.

The publication was co-financed by the General Director of State Archives.

NAC. Wizja, projekt, ludzie

“Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe. Wizja, projekt, ludzie.”

is a book summarising the first years of our activity and the early days of digital archives in Poland. We hope that due to this publication our users will realize the extremely important place of digitalization and creation of digital resources in building modern Poland.

According to our philosophy, the book is available under a Creative Commons licence: attribution, non-commercial use without derivative works 3.0. The electronic version is available at our website and in reputable digital libraries.

EAD_PL Międzynarodowy standard opisu

“EAD_PL. Międzynarodowy standard zapisu informacji o zasobie archiwalnym”

This book is a Polish-language version of one of the most popular standards of recording information on archive materials, prepared by the National Digital Archives.

The publication of the book has a particular significance for the development of digital archives in Poland.

Fotografie NAC

 “Photographs of the National Digital Archives. Events, personalities, phenomena”

Is a leaflet presenting the selected photographs from the NDA’s resources, presenting the following subjects:
– politics, 2nd World War
– society, Judaica, personalities
– architecture, culture and art
– technology
Download the leaflet(1,9 MB)[/do]


‘An Outline History of the Archives of Audiovisual Records / National Digital Archives”


Is an article of Filip Kwiatek, manager of the Photography Department of the NDA, devoted to the history and activities of the AAR, which was transformed into the NDA on 8 March 2008.


Archiwistyka cyfrowa oszczędności

“Due to publishing photographs on the NDA’s website, in 2010 Polish users saved ca. PLN 83 million”

The National Digital Archives estimated the financial benefits of the digitalization of the archive heritage and creation of digital archives. The amount of 83 million shows the size of the barrier created by the traditional access to archive materials, and forms an important indicator for the assessment of the support of development of the human capital in Poland by digitalization of and providing on-line access to the cultural heritage.