Educational Offer

Educational Offer

The NDA’s workshops for students are aimed to introduce students of liberal subjects into the issues and challenges of the digital archive studies and the most important aspects of the activity of the National Digital Archives.


We invite students of liberal subjects, mainly history and archive studies; classes on photography may be also addressed to students of artistic subjects.
Organisational information

The classes are organised at the NDA’s seat at 1 Hankiewicza street in Warsaw for groups of at least 15 people, between 9 AM and 03 PM, from Monday to Friday.

Proposed topics:

  1. Introduction into, history, mission of the NDA, lecture, 20 minutes.
    Discussion of the most important tasks of the NDA, its mission and establishment circumstances.
  2. Information systems in archives, lecture, 30 minutes.
    Discussion of the information systems used in the Polish archives at the examples of the ZoSIA and projects.
  3. NDA’s photographic collections, lecture, 20 minutes.
    Discussion of the most important groups and collections of photographs in the NDA; brief presentation of the issues of archive processing (inventory unit/archive unit of photography, methods of identification of the non-described photographs); copyrights in photographs.
  4. Work of the Photographic Collection Department, classes in the workshop, 30 minutes.
    Photograph stocktaking in an information system (processing and retroconversion); presentation of archive packaging (depending on the carrier type).
  5. Microfilming as an alternative method of securing archive collections, lecture, 20 minutes.
    discussion of the history of microfilming in the state archives and its perspectives for the coming future; presentation of the resources of the Central Microfilm Store and role of microfilms in mass digitalization of archive collections.
  6. NDA’s sound recordings and films, lecture with a show, 20 minutes.
    Presentation of audiovisual collections (sound recordings and films) and the manner of their processing.
  7. Digitalization in the NDA, lecture, 30 minutes.
    Theoretic discussion of the issues of the digitalization department – coordination of digitalization work processes in the state archives.
  8. Digitalization of the resources of the state archives, lecture, 30 minutes.
    Digitalization theory through discussion of methodic regulations governing digitalization in the state archives.
  9. Work of the NDA’s Digitalization Department, classes in the digitalization laboratory, 30 minutes.
    discussion of the tasks of the digitalization department on practical examples.
  10. Long-term storage of digital data, lecture, 30 minutes.
    Presentation of the issue of securing large digital resources; carrier types and data recording methods.
  11. Electronic incoming correspondence log, electronic document, electronic signature, lecture, 30 minutes.
    Presentation of the principles of operation of the electronic incoming correspondence log; transfer of electronic letters in client-office and office-office relations; Official Confirmation of Receipt (UPO), electronic signature.