The Integrated Archive Information System developed by the NDA

What is the Integrated Archive Information System ‘ZoSIA’?

‘ZoSIA’ is an integrated archiving system. It was created to maintain complete information about all Polish archive collections to make them fully accessible online.

Why developing ‘ZoSIA’ was necessary?

The National Archives collection alone is over 253 kilometres of archived materials. By 2008, information of approximately 2.5 million items (out of the total of 34 million) was stored on IT systems. Maintaining and updating such an immense amount of data requires an appropriate IT tool to make the information accessible to the public.

What are the advantages of this system?

  • ‘ZoSIA’ will become the only official information system used by the State Archives of Poland.
  • The NDA are planning to share the system with other archives and institutions managing archive collections, as well as museums, libraries and other non-profit organisations.
  • The ‘ZoSIA’ system will facilitate and optimise archive data management and, based on open source software, make the data accessible to all online.
  • ‘ZoSIA’ is the first open source based IT information system created by public sector institutions in Poland.
  • The system is totally based on the open standards ISAD(G) and EAD.
  • “ZoSIA” is accessible regardless the IT platform used.
  • The ‘ZoSIA’ system is user friendly and does not require any IT knowledge or archives background. The data search via the system is simplified thanks to easy to use interface.
  • It is also cost effective as it requires only a computer with an Internet connection and one of the commonly used web applications such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. All further technical services will be performed by the NDA.
Public sector institutions and non-profit organisations interested in using the system, please contact zosia@nac.gov.pl