Competence Centre

Competence Centre

In October 2009, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage entrusted the National Digital Archives with the function of the Competence Centre on digitalization of archive materials.

The most important tasks vested in the Competence Centres include:

  • implementation of technological changes regarding digitalization and storage of digital data;
    coordination of collection and storage of digital resources;
  • education of staffs of the institutions of culture in charge of digitalization;
  • providing access to digitalized materials and promotion of digital resources.

According to the programme of the MCNH, Competence Centres were set up. Apart from the NDA, they include:

  • National Audiovisual Institute
  • National Library
  • National Heritage Institute
  • National Institute for Museums and Public Collections

The Competence Centres were set up under the “Programme for digitalization of the cultural heritage and for collection, storage and providing access to digital objects in Poland in 2009-2020”.

The Competence Centre of the National Digital Archives:

  • defines standards and develops good digitalization practices;
  • organises trainings on digitalization of archive materials;
  • provides consultations on planning and conducting digitalization of archive materials;
  • supports creation of digitalization laboratories in the archives;
  • provides access to an archive information system for archive management;
  • enables safe storage of and access to digital copies of archive materials.