How to use NDA’s archive materials

How to use NDA’s archive materials


Copies of archive materials from the NDA’s collections are made available or used.

Making available

In accordance with Article 16 (1) of the Act of 14 July 1983 on National Archive Resources and Archives, anyone may use the materials collected in the archive resources free of charge, save for those not allowed to be made available.
The traditional way of using the materials is viewing the same in the reading room.

The Reading Room in the NDA:
e–mail: czytelnia[at]
phone: + 48 22 572–16–19

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9 AM – 3 PM
Wednesday: 12 PM – 6 PM

Original archive materials may be viewed solely in the reading room. Before using them, a user application must be filled in.

More information in the terms and conditions for sharing archive materials of the National Digital Archives as well as provision of services and issue of certificates and other documents.

No access

Pertains to the materials containing personal data (available to the authorised persons and state authorities only) and the contents of which might threaten the interests of the State and citizens.

Using copies of archive materials

If a client intends to use a copy of a photograph, recording or any other archive material from the NDA’s collections in a publication, at a website, exhibition, etc, the quality of the material available on-line ( not being sufficient, or no digital copy being available on-line, the production of a copy may be ordered to the archives. The service charge is specified in the NDA’s price list.

The user will get the information on the legal status of the materials upon ordering a copy. More information in the Service Regulations.