How to digitalize black and white negatives? How to choose the equipment to scan files? We will answer these and other questions during the next training sessions.
In 2014, the National Digital Archives introduced a new formula of free trainings on digitalization of archive materials. They are addressed to the employees of the institutions of culture dealing with digitalization. The trainings are conducted by the NDA’s employees with many years of experience in digitalization of archive materials as well as highly qualified third-party specialists. The trainees receive completion certificates signed by the National Digital Archives, competence centre on digitalization of archive materials.

Basic  trainings

They provide the trainees with the basic, sound knowledge on digitalization of various types of archive materials. The classes introduce the trainees into all stages of the digitalization process, from task planning, through conservator’s preparation of the materials, to the proper preparation of digital copies for publication on the Internet. The whole training is divided into lectures and workshops. Workshops are conducted in the form of classes in small groups (4−6 people). We focus on practical matters, and the trainees have an opportunity to work on their own on the equipment of the National Digital Archives. The classes are held during weekends in the offices of the National Digital Archives.
Subjects of the basic trainings:

  • Organisation of the digitalization process
  • Preparation of archive materials for digitalization
  • Preparation of equipment for digitalization
  • Digitalization of files
  • Digitalization of microfilms
  • Digitalization of photographs
  • Digitalization of sound recordings
  • Digital copy quality control
  • Providing access to digital copies
  • Digital copy archiving

Module trainings

They extend the basic trainings. They are divided into 6 thematic blocks (modules). The trainee may choose the blocks corresponding to his/her interests. Each module offers several topics which, on the one hand, extend the issues discussed during the basic trainings, and, on the other, introduce new issues going far beyond the practical aspects of digitalization. This way, a trainee is able to choose an educational path fully tailored to his/her needs. The classes will take place during weekends in the offices of the National Digital Archives. Module trainings will begin in spring 2015. A candidate must be in the possession of a basic training completion certificate.
Subjects of the module trainings:

  • Digitalization project management
  • Digitalization project financing
  • Archive materials processing prior to the digitalization
  • Legal aspects of the digitalization of archive materials
  • Digitalization infrastructure
  • Digitalization theory

Practical information

  • Who is the addressee of the trainings?
    The trainings are addressed to the employees of the institutions and NGOs dealing with digitalization of their own archive materials.
  • Where will the classes take place?
    The classes will take place during weekends in the offices of the National Digital Archives, 1 Hankiewicza street in Warsaw
  • What are the training dates?
    The trainings are organised during weekends. Detailed information on training dates will be available in the news.
  • What is the recruitment process like?
    The trainees are qualified on the basis of the information contained in the application form made available at our website several weeks before the commencement of a training session. Please note that admissions are made subject to availability. Please address all inquiries regarding trainings to: