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 Internet Archive (Archiwum Intenretu) is an open source tool, adapted by the National Digital Archives, enabling the archiving of websites.

  • Why the websites should be archived?

All aspects of human activity are reflected in the Internet, which is the most important communication platform of contemporary society. Importantly, the state institutions are increasingly using the Internet network to carry out their tasks. There are portals managed by the state, that are dedicated to the civil service and public procurement and implement e-services.

Lost information

Web pages are continually being modified, and content deemed obsolete are removed, often permanently. This means that access to information which may be important for Polish history, it is more difficult or even impossible. Archives, as the institutions established to collect information about the society, must respond to the changes that occur in the process of disseminating information.
 It is worth noting that during 15 years of the Polish Internet, its resources were not archived by any government body.

  • Archiving the websites as NAC duty.

National Digital Archives, was established for the purpose of web archiving project, which can be considered as a crucial for the Polish state (see Regulation of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage).

  • What type of webpages NAC is archiving?

Act as the basis of the state archives, shows that archives collect materials that are a source of historical information, including the activities of the Polish State and its bodies - including local government units. In connection of its definition, NAC will be primarily archiving websites of the offices and institutions. It is worth noting that the selected records will be kept forever as a source of information about society.
As a first, the webistes of the Polish authorities have been archived:
- President
- Prime Minister's Office
- The Sejm
- Senate
- Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
and the Central Directorate of State Archives and the Polish archival network (3 archives of the central state archives and 30).

  • Further archiving 

National Digital Archives intends to extend the list of sites that will be archived. It will include state institutions, whose addresses are or should be registered under the domain 
It is also possible to add all the institutions that are interested in archiving its website. 
NAC plans to archive page every 6 months. Unfortunately, current funding does not permit the NAC to increase the scope and frequency of archiving the Internet. 

  • The first backup, the first publication 

 As the first, on the 1 of April 2009, the Archives of New Records page has been archived.
Internet Archive has been made available to users for the first time 26 March 2010. 

  • Internet Archive - information about this tool 

 Internet Archive is an open source system. National Digital Archives benefited from a tool that is provided by Internet Archive organisation. 

  • The system under construction 

National Digital Archives carries out programming on the Internet Archive. Amendments are still being implemented to adapt the system to the needs of the NAC. 

  • Feedback 

Any information about the Internet Archive will be valuable information for developers working on the further development of the system. Please send them to:

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